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Manglik dosha nivaran

Manglik Dosha Nivaran is a planetary effect due to Mars (Mangal Grah) .that the person born under the effect of Mars is this Dosha. This shows its effect on delaying marriage for a long time and also makes some foreboding in married life ahead.

Why Manglik Dosha occurs in Kundli: Manglik Dosha is a defect of the planets Mars When Mars is in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the horoscope.

Manglik Dosha Impact: planets Mars located in different houses and their impact according to their position in houses the planet Mars in House 2: affects the relationship / family members. a constant difference occurs between pairs The planet Mars in House 4: Alteration in married life. Developing the unpromising nature with his / her partner in life.

Manglik dosha nivaran specialist

The planet Mars in House 7: Number of seventh house of marriage and married life, when planets Mars at home, then he / she receives unhealthy life partner. the financial situation and professional life also affected. The planet Mars in House 8: Mars in house 8 gives the tension, sadness and mental stress. Suffers from complicated source of income and married life.

The planet Mars at home 12: 12 house of happiness, travel, relaxation. If the planet mars situation in this house, then we face the problems hidden also he suffers from genital diseases. Manglik Dosha remedies: Mainly Manglik Dosha creates problems in married life. Some remedies that are Manglik Dosha helps eliminate. Kumbh Vivah: When a person is Manglik in a marriage, then, first performing Kumbh Vivah. In Vedic astrology some methods are as marrying the Peepal tree or banana tree.

Fasting Tuesday, which also helps reduce Manglik Dosha The chant mantra or chant the Mantra Navgraha Gayatri Gemstones wear rings according to your horoscope because each person have different types of Manglik Dosha Yantra: Established yantra mangal and worship.

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